Lab Challenge IGP (EIGRP, OSPF and RIP)

The first Lab challenge I wrote on the networking-forum. Its about the IGP protocols EIGRP, OSPF and RIP and got some little tricky stuff in it. There are several ways to solve most of the tasks/problems that arise during the lab. The final target is to have full reachability through the whole lab. If you want to do it and got questions, just drop me a line.

Update 04.27.2009 Changed the wording for the OSPF tasks

Configure your lab according to the diagram below (click on the picture to see it full size)

Configuration Tasks

Configure Frame-Relay as shown in the diagram, only use the physical Interfaces.

Configure EIGRP AS 100 between R1,R2 and R3.
Advertise the networks and, do not use the network statement.
Configure EIGRP between R1, R4 and R5. Include all Loopback Interfaces on R1 – R4

Configure OSPF between R4,R5,R6. Do not use the neighbor statement to get the adjacencies up. Ensure that R6 is always the DR.
Configure OSPF between R6 and R7
Configure OSPF between R7 and R8
Include all Lo 0s from R5 – R7, ensure that they appear as /24 entries in the routing table.

Configure RIP version 2 on R8 and R9, include all Loopback Interfaces on R9 and the Lo0 on R8.

Configure mutual redistribution on R8 between RIPv2 and OSPF
Configure mutual redistribution on R4 and R5 between OSPF and EIGRP.
Ensure that R4 and R5 will not relearn routes advertised by R1 from OSPF.



  1. pashtuk

    Hi Wil
    Thanks, I did not post the solutions yet but I was thinking about posting the solutions with some infos on what I thought might be the best way to solve it.
    best regards


  2. Faisal Ameer

    Well i think by using permit ACL we can advertise the routes.
    but in this case which type of route that will become,internal or external.

    Faisal Ameer
    CCIE R&S Written 3.1 Lab ( April 15 2008,Sydney )

  3. pashtuk

    I guess I really should get into posting solutions for those labs 🙂
    I’ll need some time but I gonna put up the solutions together with some explanations. But as with mostly every stuff, there is always more than one way to solve something 🙂

  4. mcisco

    all the above looks ok
    except the ospf part
    it ask not to use neighbor this mean we could use p2p links or p2multipoint
    but then asked to keep R6 as the DR which remove the posibility if useing the above ntwork type becuase the above has no dr or bdr

    how can be solved
    even i with PPP wont work !!! can please let me know how this can be doe?

    for other config u need virtual link for ospf from R7 to R6

    for eigrp and ospf we need to tag the redistributed traffic so that we deny it back to avoid route looping as in this case r5 and r4

    Thank you

  5. pashtuk

    Hi Mcisco
    Im really sorry that I did not put up the solution for it yet, I hope to be able to finish it when Im back home. About your questions.

    If you did configure the frame-relay part for broadcast, you can easily change the OSPF network type to broadcast, so you don’t have to use the neighbor statement and you got a DR/BDR election.

    Yes, you can either create a virtual link or you can do it via GRE tunnels, since I did not specify how to do it you can do it how you like, both works.

    Tagging is one option to fix the redistribution problem, but you could also work with administrative distance. The option you’ve taken is more flexible but also a bit more of configuration to do. Changing the AD is less work, but not as flexible. As above, both is right.

    Hope it shed some light 🙂

    best regards


  6. Raymond

    Very good lab setup with the question! Let see if I can do all the questions through GNS3. Thanks!


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