Preserve the integrity of the certification process

Actually I was thinking to not blog anything about the which-hunt that was going on against Ethan Banks other Blogs wrote enought about it. But during the reads I found a link to an interview with Cisco and Vue on what they are planing to do against cheats during the exams and in the preparation for the exams.

Basically they think about adding pictures for a candidate authentication program to assure that the exam taker really is who he pretends to be.
Furthermore they are planing (or did already implement?) a forensic software which analyzes the behavior of the exam taker during the exam it self. How did he answer questions, how fast and so on. The results will be analyzed by VUE psychologists and security teams and this should show if someone used a brain dump for preparations or really knows the topics.

Asked about the consquences, they said: “Our evidence collection is now done for evidentiary purposes,” said Trask. ‘We intend to pursue civil and criminal remedies against people who choose to profit from violating or infringing on our intellectual property. And I applaud Cisco for it. Previously people wanted to avoid any bad PR related to going after these groups, but both Pearson and Cisco are taking it very seriously and we will take action against them.”

“It is not just an intellectual property issue,” said Weiller. “Ultimately it’s about protecting the integrity and value of the certification. Since test development is very expensive process, we can establish direct and consequential damages for which we can pursue recovery. The laws governing intellectual property give us a legal basis to pursue these people, but the objective is to protect the brand and the equity in the certification.”

The whole article can be found here


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