Book Review: The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide

Ok this is my first book review, so please be kind with me 😉

Even though Im not so much into security, I recently bought The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide (written by Richard Deal) cause we got quite a number of VPN connections at work and I wanted to have something like a reference book for VPN.

I probably will never read the whole book and only use it as a reference book for VPN stuff, but what I’ve read so far (explanation on how IPSec works) lets me think that I’ve spent the $52 well. I start to understand how IPSec works and how the debug crypto output has to be interpreted. I think it is well written and understandable even for someone like me.
The book is split into 6 chapters:

  1. VPNs
  2. Concentrators
  3. Clients
  4. IOS Routers
  5. PIX Firewalls (incl. ASA)
  6. Case Study

Which pretty much covers all what I could think off I might need for VPNs in the future. Its good to know to have the book in the backhand if I ever have to do know more about VPNs then I do now 🙂


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