Military Service

Again close to two weeks no update, but this time its due to my annual military service which is lasting until the end of this week. Even though I got time in the evenings Im too tired to focus on complexer stuff than watching TV 😀

Im looking forward to tomorrow when my service ends for this year and I can start writing acticles again. The stuff Im planing to do is quite similar to my last forecast:

  • Lock and Key Security
  • BGP Path Attributes
  • IPSec Overview
  • Virtual Tunnel Interfaces
  • Testing Connectivity with TCL script and macros
  • OSPF LSA types and areas

In addition to those topics, I will have to rewrite the VTP transparent mode description since the Cisco Documentation is not totally correct about the behavior of a switch in transparent mode (thanks to Paul from the groupstudy mailinglist), according to that I will show how a switch in transparent mode works in different scenarios.

A 2nd part of the BGP Path Attributes is also in work, this time its only the NEXT_HOP attribute but this needs a bit more love to show. Im pretty sure that the next attributes articles will come faster 🙂

Marking of DSCP values on 2960 seems to be another interesting thing, since it had a different behavior then I thought off.

Another idea I have is to write another challenge lab since it seems that the IGP one got quite a lot of hits (153 due to now). Just dont know what topic I should choose at the moment 🙂 Maybe someone got a wish about the topic?

Im sure there will also be some other stuff I’ll write depending on whats going on on the networking-forum or the different mailing lists, they are always a great source of ideas for new articles 😀


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