10 Years Groupstudy.com

This august groupstudy.com will have its tenth anniversary and Paul Borghese has announced a companion site to groupstudy.com called ccie.net.
I think that the groupstudy mailing lists are one of the best sources for the CCIE preparations and Im looking forward on where the new site is evolving to.

Just below the announcement itself:

GroupStudy.com is 10 years old this August. In celebration you will be
seeing some major enhancements and upgrades to GroupStudy.com.

Our first upgrade is a companion site to GroupStudy.com, our newest creation
The CCIE Network (www.ccie.net). The CCIE network takes the work we
perform on GroupStudy and goes one step further.

With GroupStudy.com we use a top-down approach. With CCIE.net, we place you
in charge! We give you the ability to blog, create small organic discussion
groups, and build relationships. Create and collaborate with CCIEs from
around the world, the way you see fit!

Join today, it is free! You will be able to:

* Create a personal blog
* Build relationships with other members
* Join exciting and new discussion groups
* Create your own private or public groups

Each group has a private discussion board and community blog!

For example, suppose you are participating on GroupStudy.com and find a
small group of like-minded individuals. As a group you can form a smaller
discussion group and really work together in studying for the CCIE. Your
group will contain a group blog for announcements and a web forum for group
collaboration. Plus each member will have their own person blog! You
choose whether the group will be Public or Private. Create and organize
your way!

This site is in beta, and we request any bug reports. The site design is
easily extendable to add new services as the community sees fit. Additional
features will be rolled out over the next few months. I am very interested
in your ideas! Let me know what features you are looking for … after all
it is your site.

Please send me any suggestions or comments!

Paul Borghese

Blogs and organic groups at http://www.ccie.net



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