Book Review: Routing TCP/IP Volume I 2nd Edition

Routing TCP/IP Volume I 2nd Edition (written by Jeff Doyle) was the first book for my CCIE preparations I’ve read from the first to the last page (except the IS-IS chapter). Some people I know call this book the routing bible 😉
Its about interior routing protocols (distance vector and link state) and also covers redistribution, filtering and route-maps.

The book is split into the following parts:

  1. TCP/IP Review
  2. IPv6 Overview
  3. Static Routing
  4. Dynamic Routing Protocols
  5. RIP
  6. RIPv2, RIPng and Classless Routing
  7. EIGRP
  8. OSPFv2
  9. OSPFv3
  10. IS-IS
  11. Route Redistribution
  12. Default Routes and On-Demand Routing
  13. Route Filtering
  14. Route Maps

Quite a “few” Chapters but the Book also got about 765 pages (not counting the appendixes). Each part consists of a theory, configuration, and case study block. The routing protocolls also have a troubleshooting part.
I kinda like Jeff Doyles writting style and how he covers all IGPs in that book. It got quite some depth for the protocols and it will get you a good part into the IGPs but if you want to have deep inside knowledge about one or more protocol you might have to choose another book which only covers the protocol you look for.



  1. stretch

    It’s probably worth noting that the version of the book discussed here (and probably the one readers want to get) is the second edition, published in 2006.

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