Free Core Knowledge Quizzer from IPExpert

Update 1st of march 2010, it looks like IPExpert removed that tool from their page.

Its been a while since the last article but life and work keeps me busy (as always..) and the economy slowdown results in more work for less people but thats kinda nothing new. I still work on the solution guide for the first Lab and as soon as I got enough time I will post it. But now to what I actually wanted to write about. There’s a Mail topic over at the Group Study Mailing list which links a free core knowledge quizzer from IP Expert. I did not test it yet (although already downloaded it) but I think this is a good idea to either prepare for the Questions within the lab or for the written (recert, yeeha). Also according to the guys from IPExpert this thingie will stay free:

“We will me sending out monthly updates – and also adding free plug-in quizzers for CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, all CCIE Written exams and some Microsoft. The app will definitely be growing and maturing – and will continue to be free.


Wayne A. Lawson II – CCIE #5244”

You can get the tool here: IPExpert Core Knowledge Quizzer

It also needs the Adobe AIR app to run on your PC.

If you got problems or other stuff with it, the IPExpert guys respond kinda quick on the Mailing list, but keep in mind its free so dont demand something πŸ™‚



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