1st Anniversary

Today is Just another CCIE’s first anniversary. Kinda strange since this means I got my number since a bit more than one year (already got CISCO’s 12 Month reminder) and I should start preparing for my recertification. But it does not feel like one year, more like maybe 6month or so 🙂

Also nice to see the blog got over 30’000 hits lately, even though Im really really lazy with writing updates (still working on the solution guide for the lab..) since a few month but during busines days the blog gets between 90 and 110 hits a day which is still good. Might be better if there would be more articles and more updates around.

Dunno this is somehow a nonsense article but I thought its worth to mention.

Anyway thanks to all readers and commenters and enjoy your day 🙂

best regards



One comment

  1. Gavin Blackman

    Hey I was wondering if you could refer someone (or if you yourself might be interested) for a position I have available in Milwaukee WI for a certified CCIE (written & lab, must have #). This is an immediate need and we’re looking for a full-time hire. Please get back to me, I can be reached at gblackman@visiongroupllc.com. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Gavin Blackman
    Managing Partner / Recruiting
    Vision Group Associates, LLC

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