As you all probably noticed, the rate of newly published articles has slowed down for a couple of month now and probably will stay that way in the close future. This is manly due to more work, more business trips and a lack of mood during my spare time. Even though I did not lose interest in writing but well, you know, mankind is lazy πŸ™‚

Nonetheless there are a two minor changes/upgrades within the blog you mind find useful/interessting.

First of all I just found a CCIE Study Wiki with tons of links to the different topics of the R&S Blueprint. The guy who maintains the wiki also wrote some articles to the different topics. Even though this Wiki is aimed for CCIE candidates it might be an interesting read for all people in search of knowledge about networks. Its the only page I know so far which has direct links to other blogs in such an organisation, it claims there are about 3000 links at the moment. Either click on the CCIE Study Wiki link at the right side or here to get to the Wiki.

The other little upgrade is a rating option for each article on the blog. WordPress added this option some when and well I just didnt notice until I saw it on another WordPress blog πŸ™‚ It would be very helpful for me if you could rate the articles so I know where I have to do some improvements or even rewrites πŸ™‚


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