uCertifys 640-802 Prep Kit

uCertify’s Customer Relationship Manager sent me a mail a few weeks ago (hey Im still busy ;)) if I want to review their PrepKits. First I realy was skeptic since I never heard about uCertify yet and thought it might be a BrainDump seller. But after a small mail conversation and the Certguard page I found out that it is definately not. They are writing their own stuff so I decided to give it a go and have a look into their Kits.

At the moment, they offer PrepKits for

I decided to have a view on the 640-802 CCNA and give it a go, even though its a bit out of my scope 🙂 CCIP would have been more interesting but hey sometimes its a good idea to reread or retest some basic stuff.

After the download and installation, the PrepKit comes along with three major parts:

Practice Test/Study Helper

Basically this is the Test center, here you’ll get a feeling on how the actual tests are. As mentioned above, this is no braindump, they did write their own questions based on the blueprint for that exam. Still the feeling during the test and the questions them self give you a good idea on how the tests in the test center will be. Miles above the Boson Questions I had during my preparation for the CCNA, I think they were just way to easy compared to the real exam.

Before you start a test, you can set your preferences on how to take the test:

If you’re just starting, I really suggest the Learn Mode, since they add explanations to every question, its where you can get out most of those answers. I cant say if they are all correct (sorry but I dont have the time to read each and every question ;)) but what I saw so far looks good.

Enhance your understanding

This part gives you the option to get into the whole topics in additional ways instead of only taking the tests.

Track your progress

The last part and well somehow the most fun 🙂

Based on those reports, you probably see where you stand with your preparation and they also let you directly choose to re-test the wrong parts you had during your tests.


Well I wish they had their exams back in the days when I went for the CCNA, I guess it would have made some stuff easier.  On the other hand I sure did not take every test they offered but I hope they bring their CCIP PrepKit soonish since it would be interessting to see how real preparation would progress.

I think its worth to spend the money for their PrepKit(s) as an addtional study helper (besides books) it might save you more money then it will cost in the end.

640-460 IIUC
640-721 IUWNE
640-802 CCNA: ICND1 and ICND 2
640-816 CCNA: ICND2
640-822 CCNA: ICND1

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