Book Review: End-to-End QoS Network Design

End-to-End QoS Network Design: Quality of Service LANs, WANs and VPNs was another book I bought for the CCIE preparations (but never read until now ;)).

Since I’m busy with a QoS design/concept for our company network (amongst other stuff) I was haveing a look into different Design books/pdfs/documents and was guided to the official Cisco Enterprise QoS Solution Reference Network Design Guide. And well It seems to be the exactly same as the book itself. Except the books Chapter II (QoS Toolset), which handles the different QoS Tools and explains them into more depth than the Guide which only gives a brief overview.

So before you think about buying the book, you probably should have a look at the free Cisco Design Guide if you don’t need an in depth explanation of the QoS Tools πŸ™‚



  1. Ken Van Orman

    Great tip! We have the actual book here at work and it’s over 700 pages!

    Cisco’s SRNDs usually have good info, so definitely the place to start for design guidance.

    I believe the book goes into much more detail on the various tools like policing, shaping, etc. For most people the SRND will give more than enough information on these.



  2. pashtuk

    Hi Ken
    Looks like you’re right thanks
    The Books Part II (QoS Toolset) is more detailed than the design guide πŸ™‚
    I did update the article accordingly πŸ™‚


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