Wireshark Book Contest

There’s a little contest going on at the networking-forum.com. If you’d like to have the chance to win one of three wireshark books, you should have a look into the forum.

Many of you are aware of the new book, “Wireshark Network Analysis” by Laura Chappell and the thread here discussing it. It seemed to be pretty popular with the site’s members and the author joined the discussion, so I asked her if she’d like to contribute a few copies as part of a giveaway on the site. She has graciously agreed to give away 3 copies, signed by Laura and Wireshark creator, Gerald Combs, no less.

What are you giving away?

3 signed copies of the new “Wireshark Network Analysis” book (ISBN 978-1-893939-99-8).


Wireshark is undeniably the world’s most popular network analyzer with over 500,000 downloads per month.Wireshark Network Analysis is the result of over 20 years of packet-level analysis and troubleshooting. At 800-pages, Wireshark Network Analysis is the ultimate reference guide focusing on Wireshark functionality as well as TCP/IP traffic interpretation.

  • Learn the most efficient methods for capturing wired and wireless traffic
  • Identify the cause of poor performance and stop the finger pointing
  • Use Wireshark charts and graphs to “draw a picture” of network behavior
  • Customize Wireshark for more efficient troubleshooting and security analysis
  • Build advanced filters to identify unusual traffic patterns caused by poorly performing network devices and applications, network scans and breached hosts
How do I get me hands on one?This one is easy, create a post on this thread before 12:00PM CST on 5/6/2010. Be sure to include a write up describing a time you have used Wireshark to solve an issue on your network, be as specific and detailed as you can without divulging network/corporate secrets. The best write up gets a copy of the book and a choice of items from the networking-forum.com swag store.

From the rest of the entries, with write ups or without, two people will be randomly* selected as winners of the book and a sticker from the above mentioned swag store.

What else should I know?

  • Nothing in life is guaranteed.
  • Please don’t hold Steve liable for getting your feelings hurt, I do this for the benefit of the members.
  • The admin and mods will decide the winners. Their decision is final.
  • The contest and or rules can change at any time.
  • One entry per person, not account.
  • The Wireshark write ups must be original and truthful. This will be up to the judges’ discretion.
  • Winners will be notified via this thread and will have 3 days to respond with their full name, shipping address, and contact phone number. If they don’t reply, or an email gets lost, or whatever other unforeseeable thing happens, another winner will be selected and all prizes will be forfeited.

*Is there really such a thing as ‘random’? I’m not sure but we’ll do our best.


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