Rant: Job Postings and Comments

Well, its some time ago since my last post and this will also be a new kind of post as it looks like. I usually do try to keep my personal opinion out of my blog posts, but this is something that does bother me since some time now.
Even though I’m not actively searching for a new job, I’m a member of quite some groups on Linkedin from which I do get quite some job postings. I really sometimes don’t get it why people do write posts/comments like it is happening. Its basically on both sides, the recruiters and the job seekers.



I often see posts like “I need a CCIE!! please send your resume to xx@yz.com.” There are quite some variations of that type, but in the end its all the same.
Dear recruiter, please do provide some more information on what kind of position you are talking about, where it is located and (very important IMHO) if the company is sponsoring people from outside the country the job is located in. In the end, you earn money with finding fitting people for the open positions you do have, so why don’t you do write some more about it? Another benefit of more information you (probably) will get less messages from people that don’t fit into the requirements or do live in the wrong part of the world, which leads to less time to invest to write back.


Job Seekers

Most of the time I see comments on job postings like “pls check my profile”.
Guys, do you really think its enough? In the End you want to have a new job, so do invest some time and write a message to the recruiter with more than just “pls check my profile”.. Write a short notice about what you’re currently doing and that you’re interested in the job. DO something for it..


In my opinion, this should be something very basic for both sides. How much time does it take, to be more specific or to write a bit more. In the end both sides are interested to get that up and running, one wants to find people and the other ones try to find a new job/opportunity/challenge.

Its only my 2cent about this thingie and I might have some new “friends” now, but its how I see it .-)


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