Review of the year 2012

So its now the last day of the year 2012 and I think its time to have a little review of the year and some thoughts about the coming year.

2012 for myself was a year with a lot of changes and interesting challenges. After the move from Switzerland to Germany (which is something that most people think its crazy cause normally its the other way around) I had to start at a new company in a new country  with a totally new field of work. Its quite a difference to work for a company which is not creating any revenue with what you do (I call it internal IT) compared to a company which makes revenue out of your work. But after a year I can say, that this was the right decision to make I love my job (99% of the time, but hey nothing is perfect ;)) and the company is great. I do get a lot of support and opportunities to grow from the company and my colleagues, and this wont stop in 2013. I did start with a clear technical focus (hey Im a geek, put me into the cellar and give me some light and a computer with internet access and Im fine ;)) but it somehow shifted now during the last year. Im now doing more (technical) consulting than pure technical stuff, I even got the opportunity to develop a method to analyse the infrastructure of customers regarding their IPv6 readiness and show them a possible way to get selected services IPv6 enabled.

The probably most interesting thing is the shift of thinking, instead of thinking about systems/devices and how they connect together (aka the Network) the focus relies now on services which use the network as the underlaying system which is also another interesting point of view.

2013 will get me more into this direction since we are going to increase our consulting services and some colleagues and me are selected to develop those offers.


2012 was also a real calm year in terms of my blog, this post is only the second post for 2012! Not much I know but time and mood didn’t permit to write more 😉 I did also think about the future of this blog and what I should do with it. The conclusion out of this is to change the focus of this blog, in the past the blog was pure technical related. Trying to explain protocols and other stuff to the community, but It always took me (dunno how this is for others) a long time to write an article, check it for technical errors (you can keep grammar and spelling errors if you find them ;)). There are a lot of other blogs around which are explaining this and a lot of them are probably doing it even better than I can, I decided to write more about things I stumble upon during my projects or other things I think they might be worth sharing. Ill leave the technical explanations to people that actually do it better 🙂


Maybe one last thing. I sometimes get comments or mails from people asking me to help them with their CCIE studies. I am not going to give advice nor help, guys there are a lot of companies, blogs and mailing lists around for those things which have more actual information (hey I did pass the lab in 2008, guess how many times the lab did change during this time…). And something you really should add to your skills is to do your own research before asking to be spoon feed with information. A teacher once told me:


You don’t have to know everything, you just have to know where to find it


No one (maybe with some small exceptions) is able to know everything and if you are like 99.999% of mankind you should really make yourself comfortable with doing research by yourself, this skill will help you a lot in life (no matter if its at work or in your private life).

Ok enough of useless writings, I wish you all a happy new year and may 2013 bring you what you are looking for.


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