Interesting Links 11.02.2013

I try to get this up again (once more), on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly base (depends on how much time I get to actually read something out there in the internet). Hope it works out better this time 😉

Cisco´s CiscoLive365
This has probably become one of my number one ressources for knowledge (not sure if Google is in front or directly behind it).  Cisco offers a direct access to (nearly) all presentations from the different Cisco Live meetings across the world, and its for free. Whenever I´m in need for information on a new topic (which happens quite often) or have to review something I´ve learned somewhen, this is the place I go first.

Cisco´s SMART Business Architecture

Another usesfull ressource from Cisco is their SMART Business Architecture which contains Borderless Networks, Data Center and Colaboration Design Support and Guidelines. I currently use it as a base to refresh my Design/Best Practice knowledge, to prepare for Design Workshops with customer and as a base for an Assessment I am developing.

PacketPushers: 15 Reasons You’re Technical Documentation Sucks

A nice overview on how a documentation should/could be written and what points you should have a lookt at.

Packet Pushers: 5 Tips for Escaping Troubleshooting Hell

This article is not discussing on how to do troubleshooting itself, its more about a few key points to remember during troubleshooting. The one I like most is to write down what you have done to not loop yourself into checking the same thingthing over and over.


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