Im a network design engineer working for Dimension Data in Germany since december 2011. I did change the blog focus from CCIE preparation to stuff I stumble upon in my daily life (and maybe want to rant about) which is easier for me to do and hopefully useful for other engineers around the globe on the hunt for information about different topics.

If you have any questions or want to contact me, please drop me a line to pashtuk at gmail.com, send me an invitation on Linkedin: Linkedin Profile or find me on Twitter: @pashtuk

Please do not send me requests on help for the CCIE preparation, use google, read blogs and buy training material from the training providers out there 😉

A small disclaimer at the end: This blog is not related with my employer and the opinions are only my personal opinions.



  1. Sunny

    Since you have expertise in the field of IP networking, could suggest books from ccna to ccie ? thanks in advance.

  2. pashtuk

    Hi Sunny
    For CCNA and CCNP I used the official self-study bookshelfs for those Certs, available on CiscoPress. CCIE is a totally different story and there are a lot of books around, like Routing TCP/IP Vol. I and II, Cisco LAN Switching (there should be a brand new version available), Internet Routing Architecture, Cisco QoS and many more. I also did my CCIE with the “old” version without MPLS and VPN so Im sure there are more books to get for those topics. Also very helpful is the Cisco online documentation, this is the only resource of information you have during the lab. Check out Internetwork Expert, IPExpert and other Vendors who sell preparation Labs for the CCIE, they mostly have a readinglist which is more up to date 🙂
    hope it helps


  3. Premaji

    Dear Sir,

    First of all Congrats for your CCIE.Your stuff are really use full and Its really Great site.

    I have found a useful stuff.

    Thank you,

    Best Regards – Premji.

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