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Cisco UCS Emulator

I’m somewhat excited to get (somehow) more into Data Center Networking, mostly cause it changed quite a lot in the past few years and there is a lot (at least for me) new stuff to get into, like the Nexus switches or the Cisco UCS. It would be awesome to get my hands on a real nice lab for this and even though the company I work for, does have some UCS chassis and 5k/2k Nexus switches, they are somehow hard cabled and Im not really able to do what I would like to do (delete everything and build it up from the ground). There is a UCS Emulator from Cisco which at least lets me play around with the basic stuff and learn how it works. Not perfect, but its a beginning 😀

The Emulator can be downloaded from the Cisco Developer Community, you’ll need a User Login to download the Emulator

To be able to run the Emulator, you’ll need a VM Player, JDK 1.6 (or higher) and the 7-Zip unzip program. The Cisco UCSPE v1.4 release notes are good starting point on how to get the Emulator up and running.

I got the Emulator up and running on my MacBook Pro with VMware Fusion and am looking forward now to play around with it 🙂


Have fun 🙂