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Interesting Links 13.05.2013


Packetlife´s What the Hell is SDN?A short overview from Packetlife about the SDN topic which kinda floods the networking news at the moment:

If you follow any number of news feeds or vendor accounts on Twitter, you’ve no doubt noticed the term “software-defined networking” or SDN popping up more and more lately. Depending on whom you believe, SDN is either the most important industry revolution since Ethernet or merely the latest marketing buzzword (the truth, of course, probably falls somewhere in between)

Build your own free IOS-XE lab

Cisco recently made a virtual CSR available which allows (amongst the real use) to create a virtual lab based on the CSR 1000v. Please take care on this, the CSR 1000V requires at least 4 GB of memory, it wont work with less!

Miroslaw Burnejko´s Build IOS-XE Lab for Free
INE´s Installing the cloud services router 1000v in ESXi 5.1

Nexus 1000v

Cisco´s Capture Traffic on Nexus 1000V Series Switches

This document describes the use of the vempkt command in order to capture traffic on Nexus 1000V Series Switches.

It is difficult to troubleshoot issues on the Nexus 1000V Series Switches because there is no physical switch to put your hands on. Much of the time, a packet capture is necessary in order to determine if the packets are sent upstream.

Technical Document Updates

Cisco´s Technical Documentation Updates

You should check out this link if you want to get an overview on the Cisco technical documentation updates.


Interesting Links 11.02.2013

I try to get this up again (once more), on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly base (depends on how much time I get to actually read something out there in the internet). Hope it works out better this time 😉

Cisco´s CiscoLive365
This has probably become one of my number one ressources for knowledge (not sure if Google is in front or directly behind it).  Cisco offers a direct access to (nearly) all presentations from the different Cisco Live meetings across the world, and its for free. Whenever I´m in need for information on a new topic (which happens quite often) or have to review something I´ve learned somewhen, this is the place I go first.

Cisco´s SMART Business Architecture

Another usesfull ressource from Cisco is their SMART Business Architecture which contains Borderless Networks, Data Center and Colaboration Design Support and Guidelines. I currently use it as a base to refresh my Design/Best Practice knowledge, to prepare for Design Workshops with customer and as a base for an Assessment I am developing.

PacketPushers: 15 Reasons You’re Technical Documentation Sucks

A nice overview on how a documentation should/could be written and what points you should have a lookt at.

Packet Pushers: 5 Tips for Escaping Troubleshooting Hell

This article is not discussing on how to do troubleshooting itself, its more about a few key points to remember during troubleshooting. The one I like most is to write down what you have done to not loop yourself into checking the same thingthing over and over.

Interesting Links

Probably a category which is found in a lot of blogs, but the more I think about it, the more I like this kind of post. My google reader blog list grows and grows and there are those posts I’d like to save somewhere, so I could either make myself a (some when) blown up link list or why not share it with others, and create a category on my blog for it, so I got a full searchable link archive?

I don’t know yet how often I will post such an article, so lets see how it will evolve 🙂

IPExperts Cisco’s STP Toolkit

Overview about the STP Enhancements from Cisco

Cisco was not going to sit and wait around for the standards bodies to enhance Spanning-Tree Protocol so that it would converge faster and be more safe to implement. Instead, Cisco has been hard at work creating tools that could improve the protocol. Here is some review about these various tools.

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